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XERO Accounting Software in UK

XERO Accounting Software

Xero is accounting software that can be used in the UK region. It is a cloud-based accounting platform designed to meet the requirements of various businesses enterprises. It offers various tools to control and track different aspects of financial performance.

XERO Accounting Services & JAKS

Hassle-Free Setup

Our team of professional bookkeepers will guide for the setup of XERO accounting software


I you want migrate from your existing software, we can help you through the process


We can help you migrate from your existing accounting software to Xero without losing any vital financial data.

Steps we use to convert to XERO

1. Invoicing​

  • Finally, this integration allows you to generate, transmit, and track customized invoices.
  • Alerts can be created and sent to remind clients about outstanding invoices.
  • Integrate online payments with options like Stripe and PayPal so customers can pay online.

2. Bank settlement

  • Link with banks and import transactions with bank feeds.
  • It will involve matching transactions with invoices and bills for a more straightforward settlement process.

3.  Expense Management

  • Communicate and execute efficient tracking of business costs.
  • Save receipts and submit expense claims through the supported mobile application provided by XERO.

4. Payroll

  • XERO deals with payment bills that involve calculating the PAYE, National Insurance, and pension contributions.
  • XERO provides payroll services that are fully adaptable to UK legislation and report Real Time Information (RTI) to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

5. VAT and Tax Compliance

  • Prepare, compute, and remit VAT returns electronically to the HMRC.
  • Support for  Making Tax Digital initiative to help businesses meet the requirements set by HMRC.
6. Financial Reporting
  • Create different financial statements, like profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flow accounts.
  • Self-generate reports to the requirements of business

7. Inventory Management

  • Track inventory levels and manage stock.
  • Set reorder points to ensure you do not run out of inventory.

8. Multi-Currency Support

  • Handle transactions in more than one currency with computerized forex conversion.
  • Real-time exchange rate updates.

9. Project Management

  • It also allows one to track the time and the amount spent on specific projects.
  • Generate project-related financial reports.

10. Mobile Access

  • Use the XERO mobile app to view/share your financial data and complete essential jobs.
  • Save receipts, issue invoices, and balance accounts locally and on the move.

11. Third-Party Integrations

  • Connect with third-party applications, including customer relationship management software, e-commerce sites, and expense reporting solutions.
  • Examples of such integrations are Shopify, HubSpot, and Receipt Bank.

Compliance: XERO assists UK companies in maintaining legal taxation regulations and measures that include VAT and Payroll.

Ease of Use: XERO’s design is friendly for handling by business owners and accountants since it offers easy navigation options.

Real-Time Collaboration: As cloud-based software, multiple people can work with financial data in real-time, which is advantageous for business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers.

Support and Resources: Xero support includes extensive tutorials, free webinars, and a devoted customer support team for UK users.

Scalability: Xero currently offers plans and components that are flexible enough to accommodate growing businesses, from start-ups to fully developed ones.

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