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Business Activity Statements

Business Activity Statements are the most important forms for a company’s financial reporting and regulation compliance if the business is required to follow the VAT regulation. In the UK, this comprises filing VAT returns to the HMRC at regular intervals. JAKS Management Accountants provide BAS service as part of the outsourcing, guaranteeing businesses’ compliance with requirements through precise service.

BAS Services by JAKS Outsourcing

VAT Registration

Initial Registration: Help with the registration process of the business that qualifies to pay VAT at the established VAT limit.

VAT Scheme Selection: Guiding the option of the correct VAT accounting standard for the business top, whether standard accounting, flat account, or cash account.

VAT Return Preparation

Data Collection: Including all the relevant financial information from the business’s accounting information system.

Transaction Analysis: Checking and monitoring the transactions to determine their proper VAT classification.

VAT Calculations: Here, the VAT calculation is made to determine how much is owed or can be reclaimed by considering the input and output VAT.

VAT Return Filing

Timely Submission: Maintaining VAT returns to ensure they are prepared and submitted early enough before the due date to avoid attracting fines.

HMRC Compliance: It is essential to ensure that all the documents it receives meet the necessary HMRC guidelines and standards.

Record Keeping

Maintaining Records: Preserving all the records systematically about the VAT-liable operations.

Document Storage: Storing papers that are crucial and other receipts that are required by the HMRC appropriately.

VAT Reconciliation

Monthly/Quarterly Reconciliation: The VAT accounts are reconciled daily, weekly, or at least monthly for better verification and confirmation of irregularities.

Error Correction: Amending prior VAT returns if mistakes were made.

MTD Compliance or Making Tax Digital

Software Implementation: Migrating records to a digital format and automating the submission process that is compliant with MTD.

Training and Support: Offering training and follow-up ensures the businesses are on par with the MTD requirements.

VAT Advisory Services

Tax Planning: Coordinate VAT policies to enable a company to reduce its VAT liabilities most effectively by devising and implementing the most effective VAT cash flow management and planning.

Complex Issues: Helping with peculiar situations, such as the use of special schemes like the partial exemption, the use of the reverse charge, cross-border deals, etc.

Audit Support

Audit Preparation: Helping to come up with papers for the erect of HMRC audits or inspections.

Representation: Negotiating on behalf of the business in all disputes related to the HMRC audit.

Benefits of BAS Outsourcing with JAKS

Expertise and Accuracy

Professional Knowledge: Professional accountants specialized in VAT work are available.

Error Reduction: The effect of VAT compliance is to minimize errors in preparing and submitting the VAT returns that attract penalties.

Time and Resource Savings

Focus on Core Activities: Letting business organizations concentrate on areas that benefit the company while JAKS manages VAT requirements.

Efficiency: Simplifying the VAT process to shorten the time taken to carry out the process.

Compliance Assurance

Regulatory Compliance: Continue to research and monitor new VAT changes to avoid any failure in the future.

Avoiding Penalties: Submission on time and accurately prevents incurring these charges and interests.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Affordable Services: We offer competitive outing prices for the outsourcing services we offer, which will be considered value for money.

Scalability: Some services can grow with the new business in order to continue supporting it.

Peace of Mind

Reduced Stress: Simplification of the processes of VAT compliance and relieving the owners of businesses from the concern of VAT compliance.

Reliable Support: Mentorship from other professionals and help throughout the program.


Thus, outsourcing the BAS services to JAKS Management Accountants is beneficial in helping most businesses in the UK handle their VAT compliance effectively. Thanks to their knowledge, responsibility, and the methods offered, JAKS supports companies in dealing with complicated but necessary VAT problems and developing confidently.

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