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Accounts Payable

AP in the UK can be described as administering a company’s credit score, timely payment of the creditor’s invoice, and record keeping. Here’s an overview of critical aspects of UK accounts payable

The accounts payable working model contains ten key components, which include;

Invoice Processing

Receipt of Invoice: Purchasing invoices from the supplier or suppliers.

Verification: Some documentation controls include verifying the correctness of the invoices to the purchase order and delivery receipts.

Approval: Local government approvals from the concerned departments for the investment.

Payment Processing

Scheduling Payments: Group payments are made according to the terms made with the suppliers of the products.

Payment Methods: By BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments, or cheque.

Recording Payments: This is the process of updating the accounting records to the latest position in case payments have been made.


Supplier Statements: All statements received from suppliers should correspond to the organization’s records.

Bank Reconciliation: Bank statement reconciliation, i.e., comparing the payment records kept within the company with the bank statements.

Compliance and Reporting

VAT Compliance: Maintaining compliance with the correct VAT application on invoices and submitting VAT returns on time.

Financial Reporting: Writing papers for internal/external forms.

Accounts payable best practices

Automate Processes

  • Simple vouchers and bills can be coded using accounting software, and payment processes can be made automatically.
  • Innovate on the invoice exchange using the EDI

Maintain Accurate Records

  • JAKS ensure that all transactions are accurately recorded in both the landlord’s and the tenant’s records.
  • It is necessary to update and analyze data about suppliers systematically.

Implement Strong Internal Controls

  • SUBDIVIDE tasks, such as invoice approval and payment processing, should not be handled by the same individual to avoid fraud.
  • Annual audits to see where there is an inconsistency between the information given and the facts

Vendor Relationship Management

  • High direct material cost impacts a company’s cash flow as Mel, as it should establish favorable payment terms with its suppliers.
  • Communication lines should be defined to identify and resolve any problems quickly

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Payment Practices

  • Follow the UK Prompt Payment Code standard so as to enhance prompt payment to suppliers.
  • Compliance to law regarding late payment of commercial debts: this entails knowledge the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 that governs the ability of the business to charge interest on late payment.

Tax Obligations

  • Pay proper attention to the VAT aspect on invoices
  • We are committed to the following with regard to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC): We adhere to keeping records and, reporting in accordance with the required formats.


Effective AP management is vital to foster good supplier relations and maintain adequate company liquidity. Therefore, JAKS ensures they follow best practices, incorporate new technology in their accounts payable processes, and comply with the legalities of the land

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