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Accounts Recievables

Accounts receivable means the money clients owe to a company for products or services bought and consumed. Still, the payments have yet to be made. For this reason, keeping a close check on AR becomes essential in business to reduce risks of potential business crises.

Hence, JAKS Service has some key features.

Automated Invoicing

Invoice Generation: To prepare automatic generation and mailing of invoices resulting from sales.

E-invoicing: Adopt e-invoicing as a method of invoice transmission to avoid manual handling and improve invoice security.

Credit Management

Automated Credit Checks: Carry out real-time credit checks on new clients through an interface with credit rating bureaus.

Credit Limits: An automatic system should be able to set and revise credit limits based on customers’ ability to pay.

Payment Tracking

Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor the payments made and the balance of the bills, except for those paid on credit.

Automated Reminders: Based on the schedules and time intervals used in the instance, automated payment reminders and follow-ups can also be implemented.


Automated Reconciliation: This process involves matching the payments received from the customers with the invoices generated, using machine learning methods to capture discrepancies.

Bank Integration: Subordinate the bank accounts so as to automate the reconciliation of the received payments.

Collection Management

Automated Collections: Initiate the collection procedures for the outstanding payments, such as sending reminder emails, phone calls, and letters.

Escalation Management: For severely overdue accounts, the following automated collection actions should be taken: Send them to debt recovery agencies.

Benefits of JAKS Service


  • Optimize the AR processes by automating them where possible to cut down on time and mistakes.
  • Optimize the turnaround time in invoice and money collection.


  • Increase efficiency in the identification of differences in invoices and improve the processes of reconciliation and payment follow-up.
  • Minimize the chance for factual differences and subsequent arguments

Cash Flow Management

  • Optimize cash flow tracking by using real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Ensure that timely payments are made and collections are efficient to enhance Kan’s cash flow and meet its obligations.

Customer Relationship Management

  • The company can enhance customer communication through farewell messages to resolve the issue, as demonstrated below. In addition, they can notify the clients of payment reminders and make clear credit policies of the company
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating billing problems often associated with delays.

Technology and Tools

Blockchain Technology

  • Implement blockchain for secure and transparent invoicing and payment tracking

Cloud Computing

  • Leverage cloud-based solutions for scalability, accessibility, and data security

Integration with Third-Party Services

  • Integrate with credit rating agencies, banks, and payment gateways for comprehensive AR management

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