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Dext Accounting Software

Dext is an accounting software product originally called Receipt Bank, and it is popular in the United Kingdom and abroad. It is aimed at making the management of the financial aspects of business easy, primarily through the small automation of data input. Here is a detailed description of Dext: Here is a detailed description of Dext


Automated Data Capture

Receipts and Invoices: To scan receipts and invoices, users can use a phone app, email the receipt, upload it directly, or upload it themselves. OCR technology is used to determine significant data such as date, amount, or supplier related to the specified record.

Bank Statements: Bank feed integration allows the synchronization of bank statements and the reconciliation of recorded transactions.

Expense Management

Expense Reports: One feature that can be conveniently used is that there are opportunities to create a submission or even approve an expense report bypassing theс traditional ways.

Categorization: An ability to assign expenses to a specific category by default according to the rules or the history of previous actions.

Integration with Accounting Software

Popular Integrations: Dext automatically connects with the leading accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and more, and ensures that data transfer and integration are swift and efficient.

API Access: New solutions can be integrated with the help of the Application Programming Interface offered by Dext.

Real-time Insights and Reporting

Dashboard: This is an interface that offers an updated report on the business’s financial position, balance, and other receivables.

Reports: Options exist to create individualized reports concerning diverse aspects of finances, which will help improve the decision-making process.

Multi-user Access and Permissions

Collaboration: Various users, such as accountants, businesses, and their employees, can use the platform simultaneously, but specific roles implement restrictions on access.

Compliance and Security

Data Security: Dext uses high security on the data provided to protect the client’s financial details.

Compliance: It aims to solve problems related to local taxes and regulations and MTD in the UK.

Mobile App

Accessibility: The accounting services’ mobile application enables users to complete their accounting requirements through their portable devices, such as scanning receipts, entering expenses, and reviewing financial information.

Support and Training

Customer Support: Dext’s customer support service includes chat, email, and phone calls to provide the best support to clients.

Training Resources: In addition to the software, there are many training materials, such as webinars, how-to guides, and documents.


Time Savings

Reduced Manual Entry: Automating data collection also helps to minimize the time spent manually collecting data for input into the accounts.

Streamlined Processes: The organization and management of receipts, invoices, and expenses reduce congestion in accounting goals because those processes are fast-tracked.

Accuracy and Compliance

Error Reduction: OCR and automated data extraction help reduce human errors in financial data records.

Regulatory Compliance: Regional compliance with tax laws helps with the easy preparation of tax returns.

Enhanced Collaboration

Team Access: Several people can work with the platform; the style will allow for more precise communication between employees or team members.

Accountant Collaboration: This makes sharing some financial information with accountants easier, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency in reporting.

Improved Financial Visibility

Real-time Data: They help management make sound business decisions by enabling access to current financial information.

Custom Reports: Condensed reports, in turn, contribute to the identification of specific financing fields by being used in strategic developments.


Dext is an excellent tool for any organization that desires to enhance its or its team’s accounting and general financial management capabilities. The flexibility created by its automation features, the system’s integrative structures, and the interface design make it suitable for accountants and business owners.

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