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Hourly rate

If you’re confused about the scope and time frame of your project, or if you’re not sure about the level of authority to give your team members, we can help.

Billed based on the number of hours worked.

Billed at the end of assignment

Billed after the worksheet is agreed by the client

Our services are specifically designed to be suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Subscription (FTE)

Flexible Plan – Scaled Up or Down Based On Your Requirement

Billed on Every Completed Month

Accounting firm / Large Corporates / Business

Employ on a full or partial FTE basis(40/80/160 hours per month)

Dedicated Accounts Manager

Fixed Fee

If you you have well defined scope of time frame for your work

Billed for the number of hours

Bill at the onset of the assignment

Projects based assignments of Business / Accounting Firms

Dedicated accounts manager

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