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Freeagent Accounting Software

FreeAgent is an accounting software targeted at freelancers, baby boomers, and their accountants in the UK. It is designed to help people avoid dealing with boring and repetitive calculations of financial operations since most of these operations can be done by the application. Below is a detailed overview of FreeAgent and its features:

Overview of FreeAgent

Target Audience: It will generally be more suitable for freelancers, small-company owners, and accountants.

Primary Focus: This work relates to promoting efficiency in SMEs’ accounting and financial processes.

Accessibility: Software hosted in the cloud can be accessed only through web browsers and mobile device applications.

Key Features


Customizable Invoices: Design Corporate Bills with Company Logo.

Recurring Invoices: Make the customers automatically claim invoices for themselves.

Payment Tracking: Monitor invoices and follow up on the due payments on the invoices that may be due for some time.

Online Payments: Online payment solutions integration, which includes PayPal and Stripe.

Expense Management

Expense Tracking: Quick and efficient method of capturing general business expenses.

Receipt Capture: It also has features that allow receipt scanning and uploading, along with secure storage in the mobile application.

Mileage Tracking: Record company journey details on a business mileage log and work out allowed expenses with the help of HMRC rates


Bank Feeds: Link an existing business bank account and record import transactions in the accounting system.

Bank Reconciliation: Manage your banking easily through matches and reconciliations automatically.

Multi-Currency: Deal with different currencies in accounts for multi-national organizations.

Tax Management

VAT Returns: File VAT returns to HMRC, including Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliance services.

Self-Assessment: Some ways are to create the necessary reports to simplify the self-assessment process.

Corporation Tax: Compute the corporation tax estimates for them to prepare for tax payments.


Real-Time Insights: Get real-time details with the help of the dashboards and reports you can create.

Profit & Loss Statements: Prepare income statements and balance sheets for a business experience.

Balance Sheets: Prepare general ledgers that show the company’s current and future financial positions, including the balance sheet, to check its ability to meet its liabilities and provide shares to its shareholders.

Projects and Time Tracking

Project Management: Time-sheet tracking, expenses, and billing by tasks.

Time Tracking: Time tracking and preparation of the actual billable hours.

Estimates and Quotes: Send customers new quotes/estimates about future work proposals.


Payroll Processing: Process the payments for the employees and know the pay as you earn, including national insurance and pension.

RTI Submissions: File salaries, deductions, and payments with HMRC using Class 1 real-time information.

Payslips: Prepare payslips for employees and distribute them 

Third-Party Apps: Integrate with various third-party apps like Zapier, Receipt Bank, and more.

API Access: Finally, FreeAgent provides its users access to API, which means they can connect it with other applications and services according to their needs.

Mobile App

On-the-Go Access: The FreeAgent Mobile App lets you save time and money—your business finances are now in the palm of your hands†.

Expense Capture: Receipts can be manually entered or captured with the mobile app’s built-in camera.

Invoice Management: Users can easily create, send, and manage invoices from their mobile application.

Benefits of Using FreeAgent

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive Design: The program’s simplicity and interface make it suitable for individuals who have yet to gain preliminary accounting knowledge.

Step-by-Step Guide: The guide shows how to use the site and other related videos.


Time Savings: Some specific examples include invoicing, expenses management and bank reconciliation that are usually time taking when done manually.

Reduced Errors: Reduces the chances of manual data entry

HMRC Approved: UK’s HMRC recommends Making Tax Digital for VAT returns.

Up-to-date: Annual upgrades to conform to the up-to-date tax laws.


Affordable Pricing: Affordable tariff packages are ideal for small businesses or freelancers.

Free Trial: This option gives its users a trial run for a specific duration of time during which they can test the software.

Support and Resources

Customer Support: Telephone, email, and live chat support from the client support team.

Knowledge Base: Information section with articles, manuals, and videos.

Community: Extensive user base to engage in participating in the sharing of guidelines and experience.


FreeAgent is one of the most powerful accounting software programs, especially useful for freelancers, small businesses, and accountants in the United Kingdom. It is consolidated with many features, straightforward in design, and automated with many operations, making it a perfect candidate for anyone looking to minimize the time they spend on their financial deals while meeting legal requirements on taxation.

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